Best Baby Swaddle Blankets | Slanted Bedside Bassinet Mattress

The Facts

Placing babies to sleep on their backs significantly reduces their risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death)

The Problem

Most babies are uncomfortable sleeping on their back.

Sleeping on their back increases your baby's risk of a flat head.

The back sleeping position increases your baby’s risk of reflux and spitting up during sleep.

Baby Sleep Basics

The Solution

Several studies show that the slanted sleeping position decreases reflux.

All loving mothers who care about their babies comfort and safety can now get the peace of mind that comes with safe baby sleep.

How it works

Is the Faniks Baby Sleeper Safe?

The most frequently asked question about the Faniks Baby Sleeper is on safety.

Mothers ask repeatedly, “is this Sleeper safe? 

The short answer is, “Yes. The Faniks Baby Sleeper is safe.” 

Please read on for a more detailed answer...


My grandson slept with this mattress for months and had no issues sleeping on it. So glad I had this mattress rather than placing him flat and on his back. Slept peacefully.

Angela Smith

"This mattress is firm and sturdy. I like the fact that it has an elevation and my baby's head falls perfectly in place. She slept peacefully for months with this sleeper"

Phyllis Williams

"Started using this mattress when my daughter was 2 weeks old. We’ve never had any issues with reflux or flat head. She sleeps soundly in it. Overall, the mattress has been very beneficial to our family and our daughter did very well using it!”

Stephanie Burns

We used these for our twins a few years ago and loved them. Both twins had reflux and this product helped a lot. Especially at night time! I’ll definitely recommend it for all new mothers. 

Sydney Miller