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Top 10 things to prevent reflux in your newborn.

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Spitting up Prevention

1. Feed less volume, but feed more frequently. You may download our free baby feeding app to help you assess the adequate feeding volumes for your baby.
2. Reflux is worse when babies lie flat; you may have to elevate the head of your baby’s bed after feedings.
3. Don’t place your baby down to sleep immediately after feeding. (Hold your baby over your shoulder or in a sitting position for about 15-20 minutes before putting your baby down to sleep.)
4. Avoid compressing your baby’s tummy (abdomen) after feeding.
5. Burp your baby well after feeding.
6. Position your infant in a semi-upright or sitting position during feeding.
7. Ensure a good latch when breastfeeding to minimize the amount of air swallowed.
8. Eliminate your consumption of caffeine and tobacco when breastfeeding.
9. Try using an infant formula thickener such as rice cereal (as suggested by your doctor).
10. Try a cow’s milk-free diet (as suggested by your doctor).

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