Faniks Baby Sleeper, Slanted Baby Bed, Bassinet Mattress with extra cover

The Babycomfort sleeper has a new and improved cover and is now called the Faniks Baby Sleeper. Now, all loving mothers who care about their baby's comfort and safety can get the peace of mind that comes with their baby’s safe sleep.

The Faniks Baby Sleeper is the ideal baby bed for your newborn baby. This slanted baby bed is designed to help your babies sleep safely and comfortably on their back.

The Faniks Baby Sleeper was designed by a Pediatrician and father. It is made of firm foam and comes with side guards which prevents your baby from rolling off and keeps your baby safe and comfortable every time you put them down to sleep.

The Faniks baby sleeper securely fits in most standard bassinets sized 16 × 31 inches and within an inch of these dimensions. It comes with a machine washable cover and it is lightweight enough to move around or used as a portable infant travel bed. It is not recommended for co-sleeping.


Several complementary design features provide parents with the peace and comfort that comes with their baby's safe and improved sleep.


  • SAFETY FIRST: Faniks Baby Sleeper has no potentially harmful restraints. The raised cushion side protects your newborn and prevents them from rolling over or falling off the sleeper.
  • COMFORTABLE: Unique snug shape design makes your baby feel swaddled, prevents self-arousal and prolongs sleep duration.
  • HEALTHY: The increasing incline reduces your baby’s risk of spitting up while sleeping and keeps them sleeping longer on their backs.
  • SUPPORTIVE & BENEFICIAL: Wedged headrest supports your baby's head and neck and reduces their risk of a flat head.
  • PRACTICAL & CONVENIENT: Securely fits in most standard bassinets sized 16 × 31 inches and can be adjusted to fit within an inch of these dimensions. Comes with machine washable, waterproof and breathable cover laminated with TPU which acts as a barrier to dust mites and makes it hypoallergenic.