Just like you, as new parents, and also as healthcare providers, safety was our number one priority when we decided to share our sleeper with mothers.

Safety first

Our initial prototype had a buckle restraint which we subsequently removed after we discovered that it restricted our daughter's movement. We saw firsthand how a restraint could entrap an active baby, who is able to roll around, in an uncomfortable position and increase the baby’s risk of strangulation. Unfortunately, this has happened in the past with some sleep positioners that were recalled from the market because they caused some babies' death!

best baby bedside bassinet for newborn sleeping
We also notice that these recalled sleep positioners had two features in common; They all had restraints and were shaped like a car seat. These bouncer/rocker/swing-like products actually sit up your baby and flex your baby’s hip, which in turn pushes up their small tummy and often worsens their reflux, and just like car seats, they aren’t recommended for prolonged sleep. The recalled sleep positioner is nothing like our sleeper, which has no restraints and keeps your baby laying down. Healthy babies have the innate capacity to move when uncomfortable; a restraint will limit your baby’s movement when uncomfortable. Mothers, please trust your instinct.

Recalled Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper

On Safe Sleep

We agree with the AAP’s (American Academy of Pediatricians) recommendation that all babies should sleep on their backs. The incidence of SIDS actually declined after the “Back to Sleep” campaign was started in 1994Our product was designed to keep babies sleeping on their back and will promote your baby’s safe sleep.

Complimentary Design Features to Improve Your Baby's Sleep

Features of the best baby bedside bassinet for newborn sleeping 

What if my child starts to slide down?  

Yes, we know that every inclined sleeper tends to cause babies to slide down. One way to prevent this is by using buckle restraints, which we believe is unsafe for babies. Your baby’s safety is our number one priority.

However, if your baby slides down the sleeper, you may simply wedge a small cushion or pillow at the base of the sleeper to prevent the baby from sliding further.


Baby sliding down

Fortunately, even when babies slide down our sleeper, their heads are still kept safely elevated. 

On Reflux

Every pregnant woman knows that sleeping flat worsens reflux and heartburn. Reflux is the same with your baby. If you have any doubt about this assertion, feed your baby and lay him/her down immediately, you will confirm that the flat position really does induce reflux. Several studies have looked at the inclined position and concluded that you need a minimum of 30 degrees to have an appreciable improvement on reflux in newborn babies. This is the degree of slant on the Faniks Baby Sleeper. Mothers, trust your instinct and do what's best for your baby.

Our product has an increasing incline that reduces your baby’s risk of reflux and spitting up. Please note that every inclined bed tends to cause babies to slide down and we’ve had some parents complain about this issue. However, many mothers simply wedge a small cushion or pillow at the base of the sleeper to prevent this issue. Fortunately, when babies slide down our sleeper, their head is still kept safely inclined. Please read these top 10 ways to prevent reflux in your newborn.

reflux mattress baby


On Aspiration 

Aspiration is the medical term for food entering the lungs. This can sometimes happen during reflux of milk or food. The current claims that aspiration does not cause SIDS is based on autopsy reports on babies who died from SIDS.

The most frequent diagnosis, written by pathologists, in these autopsy reports, was “Asphyxia”–a fancy medical term for lack of oxygen.

The pathologists often make this convenient diagnosis of asphyxia, even when food is discovered in the windpipe and lungs since they cannot be sure of when the food entered the lungs; Did the aspiration happen before or after death? 

Pathologists are thus hesitant to write “aspiration,” as the cause of SIDS, because they can’t be certain if the aspiration was the cause or effect of death. This however, doesn't mean that aspiration cannot cause SIDS. If you’ve ever seen a baby turn blue and pale after choking on food, you will know that aspiration isn't harmless. We believe that  aspiration from reflux is one of the silent causes of SIDS that continues to be underreported.


On Materials

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our products. For safety reasons, we changed our previous waterproof and laminated cover to a safer breathable fabric. The sleeper’s foam complies with the CPSC as well as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) (F3118-15) safety specification for infant inclined sleep products. The mattress is made of firm high-density foam and is free of lead, phthalates, fire retardants, and other chemicals that could be harmful to your baby. 


In conclusion, 

We know that our sleeper is comfortable. We know it will keep babies sleeping on their back, prolong their sleep and reduce their spitting up. But more importantly, a baby mattress must be safe. We affirm that the Faniks Baby Sleeper is safe and is currently trusted by numerous mothers, who attest to the difference it has made in their baby’s sleep. We’ve been selling our sleeper since 2018 and we are yet to have any report of SIDS or adverse events related to our product. Your baby’s safety is our number one priority. 

If you have any further questions or concerns about the sleeper, you may contact us or visit the FAQ section of our website or watch this video on the 3 most frequently asked questions about the sleeper. You may also benefit from our Parenting tips such as the top 10 ways to prevent reflux in your newborn. 

Faniks Baby is an online resource focused on helping mothers with common newborn issues. We believe all mothers and their babies deserve safe and comfortable sleep.




Your Baby’s Comfort is Our Mission. 


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