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5 Reasons to Swaddle Your Newborn Baby

5 Reasons to Swaddle Your Newborn Baby

April 09, 2021

5 Reasons to Swaddle Your Newborn Baby

Swaddling babies in newborn swaddle blankets has several benefits. One common misconception of new mothers is that swaddling in newborn swaddle blankets is uncomfortable for their babies. This isn’t necessarily true, when a swaddled baby suddenly becomes uncomfortable in their swaddle, it’s mostly because they want to be held and rocked rather than left alone on the bed.


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Babies are used to movement. When you were pregnant, you were always rocking your baby as you walked around. That’s why newborns are often called “bouncing babies.” Babies love to be bounced and gently rocked for the first 3 months of their life. But please don’t rock them too hard—so that you don’t cause “shaken baby syndrome.” but not rocking them at all is also unfair to these little rockers who are already used to dancing and bouncing around.

That off my chest, now to address the benefits of swaddling.  



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Here are 5 reasons why you should swaddle your newborn baby. 


  1. Improved sleep: Swaddling improves your baby’s sleep quality and quantity. Swaddling your baby restricts their hand movement, which prevents self-arousal and thus increases sleep duration. Swaddling also confines a baby and creates a womb-like space that makes your baby feel snug and cradled and thus improves sleep quality. Swaddling not only makes your baby sleep longer, but they enjoy better sleep as well.
  1.  Safety: swaddling a baby prevents the startle reflex and random hand movements that often cause a baby to scratch their face and eyes. Swaddles are safer and secure than wrap-around baby blankets because, these little Houdinis’ can easily escape out of their receiving blankets, which may eventually get twisted around their face. In contrast, Velcro straps firmly restrict their hand movements, and they are unable to break free.
  2. Healthier: Swaddling prevents your newborn from sucking their thumbs and introducing germs into their mouth during sleep. We all know that once a baby has mastered the thumb sucking habit, not even the bitter taste of vinegar, nor the spiciest jalapeño pepper, applied on that thumb is enough to stop them from sucking it.
  3. Warm and fuzzy: Swaddling keeps your baby warm and fuzzy. This is especially important during winter, if you live in a cold climate, and don’t keep your house warm enough. Newborns do not have sufficient brown body fat to keep them warm in the first 2 months of their life. Swaddling them ensures that your baby stays warm.

    However, it is possible to over-swaddle your baby as well. You should consider your baby’s swaddle as two layers of clothing. Ideally, your baby should wear one more layer of clothing than you. This means that if you’re wearing only two layers of clothing, then your baby doesn’t need more than 3 layers to feel comfortable as well.
  4. Mother’s Peace of Mind: Swaddling provides mothers with the peace and comfort that comes with a baby’s improved sleep. The swaddle makes your baby snug and comfy like sausage in a burrito, your baby cries less at night, and you can get a needed night rest as well. We all know that improved sleep for your newborn provides rest for mothers as well. 


“The baby who keeps his mother awake at night, won’t get to sleep as well.”

–African proverb.”


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